Two California cities to vote on banning smoking in apartments

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Date: October 31st, 2007

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Lawmakers in two California cities are casting votes this month on unprecedented legislation that would widen a growing voluntary movement by landlords and resident associations to ban smoking inside apartments and condos.
Officials have predicted there will be an estimated $20 million shortfall in next year’s budget unless the county finds a new source of revenue. Over the past several months, the county has pinned its hopes on a new $1-per-pack cigarette tax being debated in Springfield.
The bill has already passed both houses of the Illinois General Assembly, but differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill must be rectified. The deadline for final action on the bill was originally scheduled for August, but it has been extended five times and is now Friday. There is a chance it could be extended again.
Several weeks ago, the County Board gave Schillerstrom an extra month to come up with a budget, in part because board members wanted to wait for the outcome of the cigarette tax. He must present his proposal to the board next Tuesday. Schillerstrom and other county officials have made numerous trips to the state capital to lobby for the tax bill.
“If we don’t find a new revenue source, there will be significant cuts made (to the budget) that will have a serious impact on people’s lives,” Schillerstrom said last month. “It’s not like we have a budget with a lot of fat in it that you can go pare out a certain percentage and it won’t have any impact on people’s lives.” Full Story
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