Transportation Security Administration stealing your stuff – TSA has fired 200 employees accused of stealing

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Date: May 31st, 2008

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Taking. Something. Always. That’s what TSA means to airline passengers like Edward Fleiss, a sales manager from Huntington, N.Y. When screeners inspected his wife’s carry-on bag at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport recently, he claims her designer eyeglasses were swiped. “Great sleight of hand,” he says. “We didn’t even know they were gone until we got to Los Angeles.” More… Discount Magazine SubscriptionsDiscount Cigarettes & TobaccoNutty News MarketplaceDreamtime Baby
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3 Responses to “Transportation Security Administration stealing your stuff – TSA has fired 200 employees accused of stealing”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Take a look at them and you will see why they are having a problem.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think this is funny as hell. You are a moron and a retard if you expected anything less from a government agency who deserves to be ripped off.

    This IS what happens when a government controls your life cradle to grave. This IS what you will have except it will be a million times worse with a government run health care system… but… you cannot tell people this… they don’t want to listen. They want their “free stuff.” They want to be “safe.” And they do not want to have to be “responsible” for their actions or their lives or their choices. So… this is what you get. The TSA.

    Enjoy America… you are getting exactly what you have been begging for. Now stop your bloody crying and whining.
    You were warned. So take your lumps.

  3. fed up Says:

    Another government job like the postoffice that gives minorities the advantge over whites and this is what you get.

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