Crackdown on Arizona Illegals Stirs National Immigration Debate

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Date: June 30th, 2008

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Arizona – Sheriffs in Phoenix, Arizona have launched an aggressive crackdown on illegal aliens as part of a growing movement by local officials to help prevent illegal immigration. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said the law is clear cut. “Our policy is if we come across any illegal … you are arrested. You don’t get a ticket. You get to appear before a judge later on.” More… Discount Magazine SubscriptionsDiscount Cigarettes & TobaccoNutty News MarketplaceSky Mall
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15 Responses to “Crackdown on Arizona Illegals Stirs National Immigration Debate”

  1. pedro Says:

    If the Federal government won’t do their job, the local people have to.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Way to go, Sheriff Joe!

  3. nancy Says:

    This needs to be done all over the country.

  4. billy Says:

    Where is the Federal government. This is their job. Why aren’t they doing it.

  5. randall Says:

    Come on Feds. This is your job. We are not getting our money’s worth for the taxes we are paying.

  6. Ankharan Says:

    It is not just the federal governments job it is the job of the state as well. But…

    Do not expect either to do a damned thing until the people get tired of it and force the government to do their jobs.

    Illegals = poor people.
    Illegals = a group of statistics that politicians use to get re-elected.
    Illegals are gaining power by sheer numbers and small groups of families that are legal and the liberal bleeding hearts that think anyone who can afford will be forced to afford to pay for those that will not or cannot.

    If they are such hard workers… stay in Mexico and work there. This is a huge myth that keeps getting regurgitated. The vast majority of illegals are just… average people who see no problem breaking the law to do what ever, when ever, how ever they decided to do it.

    I say… pass out 250.00 rifles to all citizens and pay them 100.00 a day to stand 25 yards apart from one another and shot to kill every single illegal that comes over the border.

    This… would be cheaper than the fence… cheaper than paying the military…

    And give the poorer people a job.

    Leave the bodies for the carrion. That is all they are good for anyway.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    ankharan always hating these people do the jobs that we are to lasy 2do i dont c none of yalls fat asses out there digging ditches for 5 dollars an hour like i said last time melting pot…….. bring us your poor………… nope dont ring a bell does it

  8. Ankharan Says:

    You are full of it… I have done those jobs… I know people who still do those jobs… that is a lie told by the politicians who want to give immunity to these law breakers.
    Bring us the poor sure… LEGALLY!

    How is it right that a citizen from Ireland, with no convictions, no criminal record, in good standing as a citizen of Ireland, here for 15 years on a visa applying those same years and going through the legal process can take 15 years to become a citizen but come from Mexico illegally and bingo bango… some politician says.. no worries… here ya go… along with all the rights and goodies of a citizen of the US?


    Explain that without tripping all over your self. You cannot. You just want to knee jerk stupid parroted politician double spoken lies.

    Try getting into the real world once in a while.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Hey guess what Live here am here and i see good hispanic people working hard and it is not easy for them 2 get there papers i worked for a lawyer b4 they have a very long process and they are just tryin to live a better life u being a from wherever u from should know that

  10. Ankharan Says:

    don’t give a crap… it isn’t supposed to be easy. Otherwise all kinds of stupid and bad people would get in. Do it legally. It is the law and it is set down for good reason.

    But.. that doesn’t matter to the feel good morons who cannot see the real dangers and problems.

    Know what.. fine… you want it… you pay for their services they abuse, use, and drain. All you people that want these illegals here… you pay for them with YOUR tax dollars. Leave everyone else’s alone.

    No? Didn’t think so. All talk… no do. So long as you can force others to pay for illegals it’s all good. But do it with your money… not all that okay is it?

  11. Houston homeowner Says:

    I don’t know where this $5.00 an hour came from. The last time I hired day laborers in Houston, who I am sure were illegals, they wanted $10 and hour and in the middle of the afternoon they said it was too hot to work and wanted to be taken back before the job was done. That is my last time to have anything to do with illegal Mexicans.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    why dont yall check your own background do you really think your 100% “AMERICAN” beg to differ with you

  13. ron Says:

    What the hell does 100% American have to do with illegal or legal?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    because hes not just downing status hes downing race hes probably for obama too and HES THE ANTICHRIST

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Sheriff Joe for President!

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