Veterinarian administered euthanasia on whale by injection – May never know what caused its death – What?

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Date: July 30th, 2008

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HONOLULU – A veterinarian administered euthanasia by injection to the whale, and the Coast Guard transported it to Oahu. Scientists from Hawaii Pacific University performed a necropsy on the whale, but they said may never know what caused its death. “There’s so many things that could happen to the animal, that we can’t necessarily point to one thing, but if we can rule out a lot of different things, then we can at least narrow it down,” HPU professor Brenda Jensen said. More… Discount Magazine SubscriptionsDiscount Cigarettes & TobaccoNutty News Marketplace - Shutterfly
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3 Responses to “Veterinarian administered euthanasia on whale by injection – May never know what caused its death – What?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well, I can say from experience there is so much that has to be evaluated before you even go active that it is pretty damn hard to “accidentally” hurt any marine mammals. I think the whale beached himself, ’nuff said. And furthermore, why was there even a question about the whale’s demise? He was euthanised! euthanised=executed=pretty much not going to live.

  2. hippychick Says:

    i think they were trying to figure out why he beached himself, he was gonna die anyway they just made it easier. because they said the pushed him back several times. and since they are the experts i will take thier word on the sonar stuff. dont wales communicate using sonar, so if thats true i can understand that our sonar could confuse them.

  3. any mouse Says:

    They kept pushing him back and he kept beaching himself. The whale just wanted some tanning lotion so he could get a tan and attract all the “HOT” female whales. :-)

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