Cheetahs on plane: Animal gets loose in cargo hold

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Date: October 31st, 2008

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ATLANTA – A Delta baggage worker got a bit of a fright before Halloween when she opened a jetliner’s cargo door and found a cheetah running loose amid the luggage. Two cheetahs were being flown in the cargo area of a Boeing 757 passenger flight from Portland, Ore., to Atlanta on Thursday when one escaped from its cage, Delta spokeswoman Betsy Talton said Friday. “They told us a large animal had gotten out of a container in the cargo hold and they were having to send someone to tranquilize it,” said one passenger, Lee Sentell of Montgomery, Alabama. More… Magazine LaneDiscount Cigarettes & TobaccoNutty News
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2 Responses to “Cheetahs on plane: Animal gets loose in cargo hold”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    it aint easy being cheesy

  2. Anonymous Says:

    oooh, someone let the cat outa’ the bag! :)

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