Thief steals Thanksgiving dinner off woman’s porch

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Date: November 30th, 2008

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OREGON, Wisconsin – A Wisconsin family found it hard to be thankful after a thief made off with their turkey dinner.
Lillian Moore says she sent a cooler stuffed with Thanksgiving food to her daughter Cindy, only to have it stolen from her porch. More… Magazine LaneDiscount Cigarettes & TobaccoNutty News MarketplacePetsMart
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2 Responses to “Thief steals Thanksgiving dinner off woman’s porch”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why wouldnt you just bring the cooler inside anyway? Sad as it is, they were asking for trouble. Had they found someplace inside to put it, they would still have it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    maybe the person who stole it needed it more than them.

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