Chrysler Faces Criticism for Full-Page ‘Thank You America’ Ads

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Date: December 30th, 2008

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Chrysler is facing a backlash from taxpayers and conservative groups after the ailing auto company took out a series of full-page newspaper ads last week to thank Americans for “investing” in the company through the government’s $17.4 billion auto industry bailout plan. The ads ran last week in several major daily newspapers, including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. More… Car & Driver Magazine: Discount Price at Magazine LaneDiscount Cigarettes & TobaccoNutty News MarketplaceLiz Claiborne
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7 Responses to “Chrysler Faces Criticism for Full-Page ‘Thank You America’ Ads”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    whatta slap in the publics face,

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ..”last week to thank Americans for “investing” in the company through the government’s $17.4 billion auto industry bailout plan”

    Okay, fine, I’ll buy that… now… where are my returns, my stocks, when do I expect my first check?? Yeah, that is why there is backlash… because it is a bullshit con line for unions and companies that abuse their profit margins and expect and get tax payers to pay off their debt and lack of ability to run a company. Most of this is the unions fault, over paid, worthless, and most of all when it came down to it… take a pay cut or loose your job… they decided to gamble that the tax payers will bail them out… which happened but guess what. It is not near enough and they will go through this bailout money faster than they went through their own money and be right back where they were, minus 17 billion that we the tax payers will have to pay back.

    No profit, close business. It is that simple.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is the first time I’ve gotten a Thank You note from someone who stole my money. I’d rather have my money back and have the failing auto industry go belly-up!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    unless there’s a major overhaul of the management of all the “not-so” big three automakers, we, the taxpayers, will lose our money and the automakers will still go out of business: Double Whammy !!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    A forklift driver makes 120k a year? The problem goes much deeper than poor manangment.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Geez… They’re sorry… Let me rush out and buy a truck… Oh wait, better see what my pay is going to look like after MORE taxes, huh?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    That what I want to know. I sure as hell could use it.

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