Thieves steal dinosaur dung

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Date: February 1st, 2009

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London – Thieves stole a lump of fossilised dinosaur dung from London’s Natural History Museum, it was revealed today.
According to a list of specimens stolen or lost from the museum’s collection over the past five years, the 65-million-year-old piece of dung, or coprolite, measuring about 7.5cm, was stolen while it was secured in a clamp on display in 2006. More… Discount Magazine SubscriptionsDiscount Cigarettes & TobaccoNutty News MarketplaceThe Savile Row Company
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  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    I guess this means we can all use the term “Turd Burgular” without any one getting offended!

    Kansas City

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The Brits have stolen every item they have in their museums, so maybe it’s about time they have something stolen from them.

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