Gator climbs through door, bites homeowner

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Date: March 31st, 2009

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EUSTIS, Florida – Authorities say a small alligator climbed through the porch door of a house north of Orlando and then bit the homeowner’s arm when it was forced out. The 2-foot-long alligator wandered onto James Gaff’s canal-front property in Lake County on Sunday. Gaff tried to remove the gator, which then latched onto his right forearm. More… Discount Magazine SubscriptionsDiscount Cigarettes and TobaccoNutty News Today Marketplace - Avon Canada
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19 Responses to “Gator climbs through door, bites homeowner”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Gator charged with breaking and entering…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’d just be glad if they got the government out of my house. Gators are far less dangerous.

  3. ™ © Says:

    why do all your guys comments always drift back to politics? … you must all be stressed out and about to lose your house or something if you cant even enjoy reading a funny story with out blaming the government for something. you guys need to find a girlfriend

  4. Anonymous Says:


    And where does finding a girlfriend have to do with government invading all aspects of life? And, I dont think my wife would like that idea.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Because some of us give a damned about how many freedoms are being stripped away and how many of us are paying increased taxes because of deadbeats. Some of us give a damned and understand where this trend of government control is going to. If you do not keep the topic out there then it makes it easier for the politico to take over even easier. There are many former leading communist party members that have lectured and wrote books and have given interviews on this very thing… but America is not listening…

    Yes, it is about politics, just about everything is. The sooner you learn this, the more educated you will be. The more educated and informed you are, the more dangerous you are as a voter to the political parties involved. You will also be 80% less likely to vote democrat if you are informed and educated. And you are 65% less likely to vote a party line. You are 48% less likely to vote Republican.

    It is about politics since currently you do not understand that fact… perhaps you should stay away from a voting booth for a while.

  6. ™ © Says:

    “”Because some of us give a damned about how many freedoms .. blah blah”

    ok then post your political comments on CNN or someplace else relevant

    Some of us dont give a damned about america and are tired of hearing you all bitch every chance you get.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    finding a girlfriend might provide enough of a distraction (AKA.. SEX. have to spell it out for some people) so that you dont need to bitch about the government all day long in every conversation even if it is not relevant…. you have a wife … sounds like she is not doing her job .. time to find a new one :)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    If you dont give a damn about America, then get the hell out and stay out.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    “”If you dont give a damn about America, then get the hell out and stay out.”"”

    hahaha .. have you ever noticed that americans think that the only people leaving comments are from america. they tell us to get out of their country when it is the last place i would want to be. but i guess ignorance is bliss.


  10. Lunar Says:

    Hey ™

    EAD and DIAF, make us all proud.

  11. ™ © Says:

    hey lunar …no :)

    another stupid american

  12. Anonymous Says:

    THIS POST IS PRETTY MUCH HOW OUR GOVERNMENT WORKS hahaha……Democracy or Communist Both the same really…considering I lived in both for awhile….here’s the deal EVERY GOVERNMENT RELIES ON MONEY! and its “yours” they’re most interested in. and really, Crying on these post doesn’t really asking for change rather attentions. listen, whatever helps you get through the day. because honestly, a few hours from now, what will you all be doing? nothing about polictics I can bet on that. so really whether you give a F*** or not Government has your life in their control regardless if youre American or Chinese. and for those of you (american and chinese in America are not the same) lol we call them imports right? hahaha its April 1st come on guys stop bitching and make a joke, thats better for you to laugh than bitch…

  13. Lunar Says:

    ™ ©

    I’m waiting til you say something more intelligent than “stupid american(s)”. Your other posts just link what others have said, and always follow up the same tard comment. Is that all your mommy and daddy USA haters have taught you? My guess is Mid East, possibly France. Have a nice day Mr. H8r

  14. ™ © Says:

    RE: Lunar

    are you kidding?

    your waiting for me to say something intelligent? hahaha

    i should say the same for you Mr. EAD and DIAF.

    you sound like one of those 13 year old girls texting your friends! TTYL MOFO

  15. ™ © Says:

    Ok guys I’ve had a change of heart, I just want to apologize to everyone on this post and all other posts that is American. I have since learned my ways, and I now love America. Can you guys ever forgive me?

  16. ™ © Says:

    where are you Lunar .. did you DIAF?

  17. Lunar Says:

    ™ ©

    Still waiting.

  18. Lunar Says:

    ™ ©

    Still waiting…

  19. Free Shipping Says:

    where are you Lunar .. did you DIAF?

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