78-year-old woman taken to jail for parking ticket

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Date: July 31st, 2009

Category: Nutty News

jail1ZEPHYRHILLS, Florida -   Authorities in Florida said a 78-year-old woman was taken to jail for failing to appear in court for a parking  ticket from November 2008. Pasco Sheriff’s deputy William Peace Jr. said he pulled over Mary Anne Mann Tuesday and discovered her license was suspended and there was a warrant for her arrest.  More…
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2 Responses to “78-year-old woman taken to jail for parking ticket”

  1. JJBlay Says:

    Since when is old age an acceptable excuse for not paying parking tickets?

    If you are to the point you (honestly) cannot remember getting a parking ticket, reporting your car stolen when you dropped it off at a mechanic, AND your driving on an suspended license, someone needs to step in and take her license away from her permanently.

    And police officers are bound by the law to arrest anyone that has a warrant on them, regardless of their age.

  2. B. H. Obama Says:

    But, if she were black she should be let off.

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