Kids Found Alone Begged Neighbors For Food

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Date: July 31st, 2009

Category: Nutty News

food1LORAIN, Ohio –   A Lorain neighborhood is in shock after children went to residents’ houses, begging for food. The children live on West 21st Street in a home police describe as filthy with no working plumbing. Police said they found the children, ages 4, 3, 2 and 1, alone in the home that had dirty dishes in the sink, a toilet filled with feces and spoiled food in the refrigerator. More…

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5 Responses to “Kids Found Alone Begged Neighbors For Food”

  1. Rod Says:

    Please remember to control the stupid human animal population…have your deadbeat parents spayed or neutered.

  2. Sherridanj Says:

    You know what is really amazing about this whole issues? It is that from what I am reading an adult lived in the house with the children and the horrid conditions which means that the were adults also living in this squalor. The neighbors see little children milling around unattended for an undisclosed amount of time and no one really questioned anything until the conditions got the way there were. I am amazed that the parents or adults present were not arrested for felony child neglect and thrown in jail. There is something missing from this whole story.

  3. Repus53 Says:

    I agree. There’s something going on with this. Dept of Children and Families should have been called out for this. If the house was that bad they wouldn’t have given the mother a second chance. They don’t mess around with that.

  4. King Kevan92 Says:

    Those parents suck. They’re from the hood. Hell yeah.

  5. mnkvqkz Says:

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