Replica rifle has man at odds with cops

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Date: July 30th, 2009

Category: Nutty News

rifle1New York -  Like America’s first soldiers at the Battle of Brooklyn, Michael Littlejohn is fighting for his right to bear arms. The Revolutionary War buff charges the Bloomberg administration with tyranny for trying to seize his handmade flintlock rifle – a dead ringer for the weapon once used against the redcoats. “This is the last legal gun that you can have without registration in New York,” Littlejohn said. “And yet Mayor Bloomberg is driven crazy by my flintlock gun”.   More…

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4 Responses to “Replica rifle has man at odds with cops”

  1. STOP OBAMA NOW !!!! Says:

    … why in the hell aren’t these cops going after the gun-toting drug lords and gangland mobsters and petty crack heads on the street who’d kill ya for a nickel if it behooves them..
    …Why?? because harassing this man and his antique gun poses no threat to them, and its all handed down by the Head-Jew-In-Charge, Bloomberg..who has a hard-on for this poor guy because he[the gun owner] knows his rights and its driving him[HJIC] crazy… I’d be pissed too!!

  2. BUCK OFAMA Says:

    Meag Ditto’s to the above comment!

  3. BUCK OFAMA Says:

    Meant to say MEGA…not meag. My bad.

  4. JJBlay Says:

    Because they believe that all guns are bad. And there is no such thing as a responsible gun owners. AND if they can take all the bad scary guns away from the responsible citizens, that suddenly the criminals with illegal unregistered guns will not use them against now unarmed citizens, because we all know that criminals don’t break laws, like not registering their guns, rape, robbery, or murder.

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