Texas inmates sweat it out

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Date: July 4th, 2009

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RIVERSIDE — Glowing like an atomic peach, the summer sun vaulted from Lake Livingston and hung in the cloudless sky like a thousand heat lamps from hell. Inside Riverside’s Ellis Unit, prison inmates stripped to their boxers and, with bland resignation, swabbed their dripping bodies.
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4 Responses to “Texas inmates sweat it out”

  1. Gerald Says:

    he is rite about putting his self in nobody made them break the law . they did it by their self . maybe they will think about it the next time they think about breaking the law when they get out and go strate . hope so for their sakes and other people 2

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You don't want to go to jail in Texas.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    There are signs all over the highways in Texas: Don't mess with Texas. I guess those guys didn't believe it.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I grew up in Texas with no air conditioning. It was not pleasant all the time but bearable.

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