Mints Land Man In Jail for 3 months

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Date: August 19th, 2009

Category: Nutty News

mintsKissimmee, Florida -   When officers pulled Donald May over for an expired tag, they thought the mints he was chewing were crack and arrested him and he was not let out of jail for 3 months. While May was behind bars, the Kissimmee Police Department towed his car and auctioned it off. He lost his job and was evicted.  More…

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12 Responses to “Mints Land Man In Jail for 3 months”

  1. STOP OBAMA NOW !!!! Says:

    … COPS JUST SUCK!!….any questions?? … and they wonder why people hate them so much,..cuz MOST of them just plain out suck and love to misuse their power..
    … so come on piggies, lets hear your BS to defend yourselves, you know who you are…probably was a wuss in high school, and was made fun of, so he became a pig to get even… twisted mentality..
    … I hope he gets whats owed to him, and I hope the piggy gets “canned”…

  2. finisher Says:

    here is one lawsuit I am totally in agreement with. I often wondered how the cops could go along with Hitler what type of people would turn on friends and family. Well guess what, our police force is full of them. So engrossed in there power trip they can’t see what a candy looks like.

  3. hello kitty Says:

    policeman was on crakc thats why he couldnt tell a tic takc from a crakc jakc

  4. Anonymous Says:

    There has to be more to this story than is being told. I find it real hard to believe a guy spent 3 months in jail over breath mints. And it wouldnt have taken 3 months to have them tested.

  5. BUCK OFAMA Says:

    This is how cops shop for a new car.

  6. JJBlay Says:

    I’d be interested in seeing the dash cam footage, even if it had no sound.

  7. Eagle Eyes Says:

    August 19th, 2009 at 19:32
    This is how cops shop for a new car.

    Yep, local sheriff busted an interstate theft ring here. FBI was not called in. Sheriff is doing the inventory of the stolen equipment. Odds are 10 to 1 that some of the equipment winds up on the sheriff’s farm.

    Don’t trust him any farther than I can throw him! (and he weighs almost 300 pounds)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    hahahah .. its great how this just happened to a non-illegal mexican and everyone was pissed at the mexical (not illegal) but not that it happened to a white american everyone is pissed at the cops and the system

    YOU ALL ARE A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES . have a nice day

  9. BUCK OFAMA Says:

    anon 09:29

    when you forget to breathe during a tirade, your spelling and/or message gets garbled.

    next time, try to relax before spewing.

  10. Lunar™ Says:

    Did this happen to a Mexican? Never heard about it. If so, he needs to sue the city also.

  11. Lunar™ Says:

    The case of the Mexican is not entirely just like this one. His cargo was NOT mistaken for cabbage. Have a nice day Anon 09:29.

  12. CNN Says:

    Thwe cops just suck.

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