Reality Contestant Drowns Performing Challenge

Posted By Staff

Date: August 31st, 2009

Category: Nutty News

reality-tvISLAMABAD - A contestant on a Pakistani reality TV show drowned while performing a challenge for the program. Pakistani contestant Saad Khan, 32, was swimming across a lake while wearing a 15-pound  backpack when he called out for help and then disappeared underwater.  More…

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3 Responses to “Reality Contestant Drowns Performing Challenge”

  1. Holy Crusader Says:

    Went down like a drowned rat, sand crickets can’t swim, there’s no water in the desert. one down, 5 million more to go!

  2. JUST ME Says:

    Thwy should keep on trying until someone makes it, then add 10 more pounds.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    At least give them some incentive and make it 15 lbs of explosives. Then put a plane or other object on the opposite shore they have to blow up if they do make it.

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