Tasered Homeless Man Catches on Fire

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Date: August 19th, 2009

Category: Nutty News

woodLancaster, Ohio -  Police in Ohio say officers using a new Taser stun gun briefly set a homeless man on fire while trying to subdue him. A police report in Lancaster, about 30 miles southeast of Columbus, says one officer had seen the man inhaling a chemical from an aerosol can.  That officer and another then struggled with the suspect, and the Taser was used. A flame appeared on the man’s chest, and officers patted it down.  More…

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4 Responses to “Tasered Homeless Man Catches on Fire”

  1. finisher Says:

    these cops with the tasers are really getting annoying. Here in Canada they have killed at least 3 that I know of in the last couple yrs maybe the last yr. They seem to look for opportunities to zap ppl. I guess since most cops around here are all about 24yrs old and 5’2 they need something to make them feel big

  2. JJBlay Says:

    lol, if anyone looks like they’ve just been taz’ed, it him!

  3. Lunar™ Says:

    Looks like Manson’s protege.

  4. Rod Says:

    Wonderful photo…..”Heeeere’s Johnny!”.

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