Wolves kill 120 sheep at ranch

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Date: August 30th, 2009

Category: Nutty News

wolfHELENA, Montana -  While the debate about how many wolves are enough to ensure a healthy population will again come to a head in a federal courtroom. A Dillon-area ranch is picking up the pieces from the largest known wolf depredation in recent history. In a highly unusual move for wolves, they killed about 120 adult male sheep in one incident on a ranch  south of Dillon.  More…

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8 Responses to “Wolves kill 120 sheep at ranch”

  1. Jones Says:

    Okay, the wolves were supposed to know it was “private ground”? It is their nature to kill and they had 5 pups with them so they were probably trying to teach them to hunt for their own survival. So we as people, being the superior species (right), have to right to kill the wolves for doing what is in their nature…am I the only one that finds something wrong with that thinking?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yes you are. They didnt kill 150 sheep just to teach their pups. Thats the biggest load of BS I ever heard. They should have left the damn wolves out of these areas to begin with.

  3. Jones Says:

    The wolves were probably there long before the ranch was.

  4. Herman Says:

    Clear the land, get rid of wild dangerous annimals, establish a profitable ranch, and then the wacko liberal “annimal lovers” bring back wolves!

  5. finisher Says:

    I would say its pretty cool to have some wolves around. The problem is these things are in packs and sometimes pack just like to kill for the sake of killing. They should for sure have a hunting season of some type on them. If for no other reason then to keep them in fear of people and things people have. It was probably not a good idea to reintroduce but now they have so they better allow them to be shot and killed again. If they get them all, I think we still have quite a few up here you can have.

  6. alicia Says:

    ok, so they only killed the MALE sheep? what about hte heifers?

    and they were killed for there pelts int he first place, NOT so people could establish ranches. Im not saying they shouldnt have some sort of seasont o kepe population in check, but , i dont think they have a right ot wipe them completely out.

  7. BUCK OFAMA Says:

    “alicia”. . .
    Female sheep are called ewes and your spelling is awful.

    That being said, I agree with what I think you were trying to say.

  8. STOP OBAMA NOW !!!! Says:

    … Leave the wolves alone,.. build a better, safer wolf-proof enclosure for the precious sheep that are going to be butchered anyhow, and let NATURE take its course..

    … Oh, and by the way Herman, “do you still hear the lambs screaming??”… I’m a wacko CONSERVATIVE ‘annimal lover” let’s get that straight, k ??

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