Criminality as a Career Path

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Date: January 9th, 2010

Category: Nutty News

prime-minister-jens-stoltenbergNorway -  Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg: Criminal foreigners who serve more than a year in jail will henceforth automatically qualify for welfare.  After three years in prison, they will have a right to a government pension and to health coverage.  This will be the case even if they have come to Norway illegally.  In other words, it pays for foreigners to come to Norway and commit serious crimes – and the more serious the crime, the greater the reward.  In order to qualify for welfare, foreign criminals will have to commit crimes that are serious enough to put them behind bars for a year or more.  But if they are found guilty of even more serious offenses, so that they are sentenced to at least three years, they will also have the right to a basic government pension starting at age 67.  More…


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3 Responses to “Criminality as a Career Path”

  1. finisher Says:

    great, now all our criminals can move to norway and we won’t have to feed them anymore

  2. Epic Kevan Says:


  3. F.U.B.O. Says:

    If anyone else remembers “Hippie ChicK”, now we know why she moved to Norway!

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