Coach suspended for taking in homeless player

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Date: October 1st, 2010

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fhsNutty News Florida – By all indications, a Florida high school football coach was just trying to do the right thing when he allowed a homeless player to live with him. Now that coach and his school are facing fines that could reach into the thousands of dollars — and potential forfeiture of victories — because of the player’s housing arrangements. The rule states that no school employee or representative of the school’s athletic department can provide or promise free or reduced-cost housing for a potential athlete in their program.  More…

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5 Responses to “Coach suspended for taking in homeless player”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    He should have known better.

  2. Coach Says:

    A rule is a rule. Get out of my house, boy.

  3. Coach Says:

    Now isn’t this a fine mess you have gotten me into!

  4. Because Says:

    This happened because law-abiding citizens are punished because of people who try and manipulate and harm others via theft.

    This rule is in place because at some point a coach or teacher or other public official of a school had a ringer stay with them or paid a ringer in some way to stay on their team so in the end a person who tried to help another person gets shafted. He knew the rule. He broke it. He did the right thing. But, he needs to take responsibility for breaking a rule he knew to be in place regardless of motives or how humane it was or is. If he cannot then how are we to serve justice to those that do what he did for alternative motives like… winning for money. Betting (yes, high school betting goes on and it is big bucks. More money from alumni, Winning schools get good money from sponsors and alumni. The list is extensive on the alternative motives from simply helping a person out that has fallen on hard times.

    I’d have done the same thing if all else failed. Yet I would also be willing to take my punishment for breaking a rule I knew to be in place.

    Want to blame someone? Blame the criminals and sociopathic people who feel the need to take advantage of everyone else and make life more difficult than it needs to be simply because they feel they are above or beyond the law or just do not care who or whom they harm.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    BECAUSE–It’s high school. For something like this, you contact the local Children and You agency.

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