Man denies ownership of cocaine found in his butt

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Date: October 1st, 2010

Category: Nutty News

raymond-stanley-robertsNutty News Florida – Police said a suspect arrested for drug possession denied ownership of the cocaine he was found to be concealing in his buttocks. Deputies searching Roberts’ person discovered a soft object in his buttocks that Roberts then took out and gave to the deputies, who identified it as a baggie of marijuana. Deputies said they found a second soft object in Roberts’ buttocks that was removed and identified as cocaine. He said the cocaine was not his.  More…

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10 Responses to “Man denies ownership of cocaine found in his butt”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Now this is a real dumbass.

  2. Farina Says:

    So this guy stores other people’s stash up his butt?

  3. Roberts Says:

    It ain’t mine, suh!

  4. Cop Says:

    Ain’t yours. You shittin me!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    don’t do drugs…you never know where they’ve been

  6. Anonymous Says:

    LMAO how stupid can one be!!

  7. Truth & Consequences Says:

    Yikes, I guess he really does want his customers smoking some crack…

  8. josh Says:

    its not mine man….. idk how it got there

  9. Asshole Says:

    I love getting high whenever a dumbass gives me drugs!

  10. Patrick Says:

    That’s why you never store someone else’s butt crack in yours…

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