Waitress gives herself a tip

Posted By Staff

Date: July 30th, 2011

Category: Nutty News

judy-proffittNutty News Thomasville, North Carolina – A former waitress at a Thomasville Restaurant was arrested and accused of manipulating tip amounts on customer’s checks. Judy Proffitt, 26, was charged with seven counts of obtaining property by false pretenses. A customer at the restaurant had notified the owner that his debit card had been charged too much after he had dined at the restaurant.  The customer alleged that the amount of the tip had been altered from what they originally put on the check. The owner told authorities that he pulled other tickets from the waitress and found that several tips had been altered.  More

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2 Responses to “Waitress gives herself a tip”

  1. Lunar™ Says:

    Probably a bunch of non-tippers. They should be banned from eating at any restaurant. Some waiters go above and beyond and never get tipped. Some do the bare minimum (which is all they have to do) and never get a tip. Keep in mind slow served food is not necessarily the waiters fault. Essentially if you ate, and had some glasses refilled, you owe a tip. Now let’s hear about how waiters have to earn their tips….

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I dont care how much they deserve a tip, it isnt up to the freakin waitress to determine how much she gets. And if you actually read it, she altered the tips she was given.

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