Dog eats $10K worth of diamonds

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Date: August 24th, 2011

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diamondsNutty News Albany, Georgia – The pooch dined on a meal of $10,000 worth of diamonds. Honey Bun often walks the counters at John Ross Jewelers. He’s not much of a guard dog, but he is great with customer relations. “He’s been loved,” said co-owner Chuck Roberts. Customers sometimes hide treats in their purse for Honey Bun. It happened two weeks ago when a customer came in. “A customer came in and I jumped up out of my chair and came out here to wait on him. And I left the chair where you could jump up on my chair and jump up on my desk,” said Roberts. On the desk: four packs of loose diamonds, about a carat each to set in diamond earrings, pens, and dog treats. When he returned, only three packs remained, and an empty pouch was lying on the floor. “The next afternoon, sure enough, the earring back and two diamonds were recovered.”  More    Click on the Nutty News reporter at the top, left column for another Nutty News story

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5 Responses to “Dog eats $10K worth of diamonds”

  1. Jeweler Says:

    Here. Just wash the crap off those earrings – good as new.

  2. Vet Says:

    Everything comes out in the end.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This guy sells crappy jewelry.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    That shit’s worth money.

  5. Grandpa Says:

    Holy crap!

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