Dog brings master loaves of bread, muffins

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Date: June 20th, 2012

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SYDNEY, Australia - (UPI) — An Australian man says his golden retriever has been bringing him presents in the past few days — 12 loaves of bread and two packages of muffins.

Michael Shaw said he would like to know where the dog, Gillie, has been getting the baked goods, The Daily Telegraph of Sydney reported. Shaw lives in Theresa Park in a rural area southwest of Sydney and the nearest store is at least a 10-minute drive.

While Gillie did eat one package of muffins, she has simply brought the others back to the house, deposited them by the front steps and then lain there wagging her tail, Shaw said.  Full Article

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3 Responses to “Dog brings master loaves of bread, muffins”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good dog!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dogs are so awsome

  3. Lunar™ Says:

    Bring steaks next time.

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