Mack Truck Crashes Into 50 Cent

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Date: June 26th, 2012

Category: Nutty News

50 Cent was hospitalized with possible injuries to his neck and back in a frightening car crash involving his SUV and a Mack truck – this according to a website affiliated with the rapper.

According to, it all went down early on the Long Island Expressway in New York City, when a red mack truck rear-ended 50′s ride – and the rapper’s SUV “almost flipped over.”

50 — real name Curtis Jackson — was taken to a nearby hospital … where, according to the site, doctors are running tests on his neck and back.  Full Article


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2 Responses to “Mack Truck Crashes Into 50 Cent”

  1. FedUpWithIt Says:

    thank goodness he was only “fiddy cent”. if he was a whole dollar, he might have been killed !

  2. Lunar™ Says:

    Easy to break a dollar. Not so easy with fiddy cent.

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