Police Taser pregnant woman who parked in handicap space

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Date: June 8th, 2012

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Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority is looking into  a complaint filed by a pregnant woman who was shocked with a police Taser.

Tiffany Rent, who is eight months pregnant, left the hospital after being checked by doctors. She and her unborn child are  OK.

Rent and her two young children, as well Rent’s boyfriend, Joseph Hobbs, pulled  into the parking lot of a Walgreens on the 110 block of South Michigan Avenue.  Rent pulled into a handicapped parking spot while Hobbs went into the store.

“He gave me the ticket and I threw the ticket on the  ground,” Rent said in a telephone conversation with NBC Chicago.

Rent said she then got back into her car and closed the door.  That’s when, she said, the officer told her she was under arrest and used a  Taser on her through the window.  Full Article

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