Budget cuts force Oregon jail to release murderers

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Date: July 16th, 2012

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Oregon – A $100 million budget deficit in Oregon’s Lane County has prompted the sheriff to release nearly 100 detainees and inmates from his jail, including several accused of killing people. Ninety-two prisoners were freed over three days this month as the jail closed a whole wing of its 507-bed facility.

“It was horrifying,” says Lane County Sheriff Tom Turner. “All the effort to get those people into the jail is now gone, wasted.”

Among those released with only an electronic ankle bracelet was 33-year old Aaron Curry, who police say admitted he killed a man who had taken him in. He’s awaiting trial on a charge of second-degree manslaughter in the beating death of 46-year old Alan Platt. The victim’s relatives were stunned by Curry’s release. “We want justice,” says Platt’s sister, Alison Cavarra. “We want Aaron locked back up until trial like anybody else who has committed one of these crimes, or is accused of this crime.”

 Twenty-eight deputies have been laid off, forcing the sheriff to also cut back on patrols. There are now 6-8 hours every day when citizens may call for help from a deputy, but there won’t be anyone on duty to respond.  Full Article

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