Man puts BB gun to the head of a classmate, demands 4.7 billion Runescape coins

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Date: August 12th, 2012

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A 19-year-old Fordham University student is looking at 15 years in the slammer after allegedly putting a BB gun to the head of a classmate and demanding that 4.7 billion Runescape coins be transferred to his character, reports the New York Post.

The bizarre robbery happened after the accused, Humza Bajwa (Picture) first tried to buy the Runescape currency with what appeared to be counterfeit money.

David Emani said he was acting on behalf of his friend, Jonathan Dokler, who was at home monitoring the deal on a cell phone waiting for Emani’s confirmation that the deal was legitimate, and to transfer the coins.

Even after the first deal fell apart, Dokler still wanted to sell Bajwa the coins, so a second one was arranged. This time Emani flatly told Bajwa his money was counterfeit. That’s when Bajwa whipped out a pellet gun that looked like a real handgun and put it to Emani’s head, the Post reported.  Full Article

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