Apple supplier Foxconn halts factory after 40 injured in brawl

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Date: September 24th, 2012

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BEIJING, China –  –  The company that makes Apple’s  iPhones suspended production at a factory in China after a brawl by as  many as 2,000 employees at a dormitory injured 40 people.

The fight in Taiyuan started at 11 p.m., “drawing a large crowd of  spectators and triggering chaos,” a police spokesman was quoted by Xinhua as  saying.

Order was restored after about four hours and several people were arrested,  said the company, a unit of Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. It said 40  people were taken to hospitals for treatment.

Comments posted on Chinese Internet bulletin boards said it might have erupted  after a security guard hit an employee.  Full Article

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2 Responses to “Apple supplier Foxconn halts factory after 40 injured in brawl”

  1. Vic Kelley Says:

    From the full article: “It said the facility, which employs 79,000 people…”

    Am I reading that right? They have a factory that has 79,000 workers? My God it must be like its own city or something. The article says they don’t just make stuff for Apple they also make stuff for Microsoft and other tech firms. Unreal what a scale of operation they’ve got going on over there.

  2. Lunar™ Says:

    The way they treat their labor is also unreal.

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