Dead man turns up at his own funeral

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Date: October 24th, 2012

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Brazil – Gilberto Araujo, a 41-year-old car-washer whose unexpected arrival at his own wake reportedly sparked terror and then delight among his family and friends.

Araujo’s family, from the town of Alagoinhas, about 70 miles from Salvador, had mistakenly identified a body in the local morgue as his and were mourning his death when the man they believed was in the coffin beside them showed up at the front door.

“A friend told me there was a coffin and that I was inside it,” he said. “I said, ‘guys, I’m alive, pinch me.’”

His appearance prompted some people to faint and others to flee in panic.

Gilberto Araujo’s brother wrongly identified him after another man who resembled the 41-year-old car-washer was murdered  Full Article – Tax Free – Free Shipping

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    I am happy that I was not him.

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