Massive Apartment Fire Started By Man Cooking a Squirrel With a Blow Torch

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Date: October 11th, 2012

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HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, Michigan – A fire that ravaged an apartment complex in Holland Township, Mich. reportedly started because a resident was a little clumsy with a propane blowtorch, which he was using to prepare a squirrel carcass for eating.

The blaze started at about 12:30 pm. The resident was on his third-floor patio, using the torch to singe the fur off the dead animal, when he accidentally ignited the deck.

The flames rapidly got out of control and spread to the roof, according to Wood TV.

Ultimately, eight apartments were destroyed, several more sustained significant damage, and the roof of the apartment complex caved in.  Full Article

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3 Responses to “Massive Apartment Fire Started By Man Cooking a Squirrel With a Blow Torch”

  1. Lunar™ Says:

    Cooking squirrel – Doing it wrong.

  2. Redneck Daddy Says:

    Blow Torch Squirrel! Tasty! If you can get it cooked without setting something on fire.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    durk mah booga dang

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