420 Pound Woman With The World’s Widest Hips

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Date: January 21st, 2013

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California – 39-year-old Mikel Ruffinelli, who lives in Los Angeles has the widest hips in the world.

Mikel, who weighs 420-pounds and is the mother of four children claims that she is comfortable with her 8ft (in circumference) hips and also says that men don’t like skinny girls.

At just five-foot-four, 39-year-old Mikel Ruffinelli, who lives in Los Angeles, is substantially wider than she is tall, but says she loves her shape and sees no reason to diet because she doesn’t have health problems, the Daily mail reported.

Interestingly, Mikel drives a truck as she can’t fit into a car. When at home, she has to sit in steel-supported chairs and sleeps on a 7ft-wide bed.  Full Article

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  1. Unkle Jack Says:

    $1000 per photo shoot. of course, it takes a lot of film & equipment to get all that baggage in the same picture. Beautiful ? NOT ! Sexy ? HELL NO !

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