Canada to Study Mysterious ‘Windsor Hum’

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Date: January 22nd, 2013

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Canada – Some people have described the sound as a low, humming drone. Others say it changes into a heavy “whump, whump, whump” sound. Still others have compared it to the bass rumblings of soul singer Barry White.

But whatever the mysterious sound known as the “Windsor Hum” is compared to, the residents of this small city in Ontario, Canada (directly adjacent to Detroit) agree that it’s driving them bonkers.

“There’s a rumble that takes place, and it is enough to shake your king-sized bed and rattle your windows and vibrate other parts of the house,” Windsor resident Gary Grosse told Ontario’s National Post. “And that is enough to wake you up, and it’s enough to drive you insane.”

Now, for the first time since the Windsor Hum was first reported in 2011, the government of Canada is taking the complaints seriously. Researchers from the University of Windsor and Western University in London, Ontario, have been given a grant of $60,000 to analyze the noise and determine its cause, according to the Toronto Globe and Mail.  Full Article

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