Up escalator becomes a down escalator, injures 5

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Date: January 8th, 2013

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New Jersey – Five people were injured — three seriously enough to require hospital treatment — when an escalator at a commuter rail station in New Jersey suddenly went into high-speed reverse.

“Everyone started looking around and then it starts to go down at an accelerated rate,” Alex Rodriguezsaid. “At that point, people started piling up towards the bottom and couldn’t get off the escalator fast enough.”

Rodriguez’s video footage showed commuters struggling to climb up the fast-moving escalator. Rodriguez said the escalator finally stopped after a minute.

“You could hear people screaming, people were jumping off the sides,” said Rodriguez. “People lined up against the wall at the bottom were crying after they got off.”  Full Article

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    This is the reason that I am always cautious of these electrical things.

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