Vegan to brand volunteer with hot iron in protest against animal cruelty

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Date: January 20th, 2013

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UK – Becky Folkard is a successful senior manager  at a wealth management company. She dresses smartly and attends high-level  business meetings in central London.

But on March 21, in broad daylight on a  London street, grammar school-educated Becky will take hold of a  specially-designed branding iron, measuring four inches across and two inches  wide, and made scalding hot by a blowtorch.

The public branding will be a protest against  animal cruelty in the dairy industry, and those volunteering to be marked with  the number 269 are acting in solidarity with the first such demonstration that  took place in Tel Aviv, Israel, in October.

The number refers to the ear tag on a male  calf filmed on a dairy farm being readied to be sold for veal or leather.  Full Article

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One Response to “Vegan to brand volunteer with hot iron in protest against animal cruelty”

  1. Lola Says:

    Does she really expect people to believe that she’s a Vegan? Look at her…does she really think people believes she is that hefty living off of vegetables??