Waiter refuses to serve customer who insulted Down syndrome boy

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Date: January 19th, 2013

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Houston, Texas – A Houston waiter’s Facebook page has been inundated with friend requests and  messages after a story of how he stood up for a special needs child went  viral.

Michael Garcia, a waiter at Laurenzo’s, was serving a family who have been  regulars since the restaurant opened. The family includes 5-year-old Milo, who has Down syndrome.

“Milo wasn’t being bad, he was just talking and making little noises,” Garcia  told FoxNews.com. But a customer at a nearby table who was also with his family began making comments about Milo.

Garcia said the man continued talking about Milo and said, “special needs  children need to be special somewhere else.”

“My personal feelings took over because that’s ignorance in my opinion and I  told him ‘Sir, I won’t be able to serve you,’” Garcia tells FoxNews.com.  Full Article

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2 Responses to “Waiter refuses to serve customer who insulted Down syndrome boy”

  1. Diana Stubbs Says:

    God forbid if the male customer who constantly complained ends up with a grandchild with a disability! I wonder if he will tell his daughter or son that, “special needs children need to be special somewhere else.”

  2. Lola Says:

    Some people are such jerks…way to go Michael for standing up for this little guy. Karma will get that jerk who put this little boy down.