How the new Pope is chosen

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Date: March 12th, 2013

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VATICAN CITY – The 115 Roman  Catholic cardinals were locked in conclave to vote secretly on who should be the next pope.

Each cardinal put his hand on a Bible and swore an oath to vote fairly before  taking a seat for meditation.

Everyone except voting cardinals was expelled from the Sistine Chapel with  the order “extra omnes,” and only the electors remained.

The cardinals are under no deadline to select a pope, and will take four  votes each day until successful.

At least 77 of the 115 cardinal electors must agree on a candidate to become  the 266th pope.

French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran will announce the name of Benedict  XVI’s successor as pope to the world, the Vatican said.

Tauran, 69, has been chosen to declare “habemus papam,” the formal Latin  declaration meaning, “We have a new pope,” once the conclave has elected a new  leader of the Roman  Catholic Church.”

His announcement will come after white smoke curls up from the Sistine  Chapel.  Full Article

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