Man tried to rob gun store with baseball bat

Posted By Staff

Date: July 26th, 2013

Category: Nutty News

PORTLAND, Oregon – Washington County sheriff’s deputies arrested a man they say used a baseball bat to rob a gun store.

It happened at Discount Guns on the corner of SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy and Laurelwood Ave just before 4 p.m.

Deputies say the store manager called 911 and reported that Derrick Mosley (picture) had smashed a display case and removed an unloaded handgun.

That didn’t seem to phase the manager, who drew his handgun and began giving Mosley orders, deputies say.

While on the phone with dispatchers, the manager said he had his gun pointed at the robber, and would keep him in the store until deputies arrived.  Full Article

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4 Responses to “Man tried to rob gun store with baseball bat”

  1. Patrick Says:

    I live in Texas and every gun store I have gone into the employees all wear loaded guns in holsters in plain site.

  2. Sammy Says:

    He should have shot the son of a bitch and done the world a favor.

  3. Bubba Says:

    Dumbass is lucky to still be alive.

  4. Steve Skubinna Says:

    It isn’t just the store employees, there’s a good chance many of the customers are carrying as well. Robbing a gun store is about as dumb an idea as robbing the doughnut shop across the street from the police station.

    On the other hand, nobody so far has admonished anyone not to bring a baseball bat to a gunfight. Guess that needs to change.

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