Woman lured man into the clutches of her boyfriend using a striptease

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Date: October 7th, 2013

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Chicago – A 19-year-old Chicago woman has been  charged  with first degree murder for helping lure her ex-boyfriend into the clutches of  her new lover, who then stabbed and decapitated the man.

Police don’t believe Daisy Gutierrez helped  slay Jose Reyes, but they do think she knowingly lured the 30-year-old Honduran  to his bloody demise with a strip tease.

They also believe she helped her killer lover  bury the victim’s body parts  along with her own father in the family’s Scottsdale area back yard. 56-year-old Salvador Gutierrez is charged with  concealing a homicide for watching as the unnamed murderer dismembered Reyes’ body.

It was a grisly end to a brutal crime.  Prosecutors say Gutierrez’’ unnamed new boyfriend smashed in the bedroom door as  Gutierrez began to take off her clothes.  Full Article   Personalization Mall

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