Caregiver used stun gun to punish kids

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Date: February 1st, 2014

Letina SmithFlorida – A woman was arrested Thursday in Kissimmee on allegations of using a stun gun to punish children in her care.

Letina Smith, 41, faces three counts of child abuse after a 7-year-old, 8-year-old and 9-year-old told officers that Smith punished them with an electric weapon.

The children described the weapon as being pink, rectangle-shaped and having two points with electricity flowing between them, Kissimmee police said. The children also said Smith touched them with the weapon when they misbehave, according to police.

Investigators interviewed the children at Sunrise Elementary School and contacted Smith, who said she does have an electric weapon and has activated it but held it a few inches from the children, according to police. Smith added that she had not touched the children with the weapon.  Full Article



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    Someone needs to give her a few jolts.

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