Man With Tail, Worshipped As God

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Date: February 9th, 2014

Category: Nutty News

tailIndia – A 35-year-old tea picker in Alipurduar, India, is getting tailed by followers every day — mainly because the 14.5-inch tail growing out of his back makes them think he’s a living god.

Chandre Oraon has had his tail since birth and some Hindus believe it’s a sign he’s an incarnation of a monkey god known as “Hanuman,” Barcroft TV reported.

It isn’t just the tail that makes believers think he’s a monkey god. Oraon’s job picking tea leaves requires him to climb up trees just like a monkey.

Worshippers from all over India travel to his home in hopes of touching his tail and getting blessings.  Full Article


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3 Responses to “Man With Tail, Worshipped As God”

  1. JimP Says:

    some of those guys could do two girls at once

  2. Anonymous Says:

    IMO, the only things dot-not-feather-Indians will “worship” are all forms of birth control, soap and shoes.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    but at least india has nuclear weapons, now we can all sleep at night.

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