McDonald’s Employee Celebrates 100th Birthday

Posted By Staff

Date: February 10th, 2014

Category: Nutty News

MillerNEEDHAM – As Morris Miller nailed down his regular spot at McDonald’s in Needham Friday morning, one day shy of his hundredth birthday, he did not take a stroll down memory lane.

“At my age we don’t remember anything,” Miller says.

But this party wasn’t just birthday stuff. It was accolades for a quarter century of bringing his infectious personality to work there, beginning when he was a young pup of 75.

As he got into his 90?s, though, his employer thought better of the heavy lifting. For the last several years, the owner, Tim McCoy, has just paid Morris to show up a few hours, three days a week, to enjoy a free breakfast and do what he does best: chit chat with customers.  Full Article

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