“Take Me Out To the Ball Game”

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Date: February 26th, 2014

takeBaseball anthem “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” actually has two main verses. During the 7th-inning stretch, fans traditionally sing just the refrain. Jack Norworth had never been to an actual baseball game when he wrote the song.

Chickens with white ear lobes lay white eggs, whereas chickens with red ear lobes lay brown eggs.

France’s last execution via guillotine was in 1977.

The first seven U.S. Presidents were not born in the United States of America. They were born in colonies that later became states. This is a loophole to the stipulation in the Constitution that in order to become President, one must be a natural-born citizen of the United States of America.

The ZIP in ZIP Code stands for Zone Improvement Plan.

According to some estimates, Americans are sitting on $30 billion worth of unredeemed gift cards.

Only one U.S. coin — the zinc-coated steel penny produced during World War II — can be picked up by a magnet.

The first British bungee jump occurred on April Fool’s Day, 1979. Dressed in a tux and hugging a bottle of champagne, 33-year-old David Kirdke did a back-flip off the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. The crowd, who thought they were witnessing a suicide attempt, watched him plunge 250 feet toward the Avon, but to their surprise, never saw him hit water.

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