Brazil: Police warn visitors, ‘Don’t scream if robbed’

Posted By Staff

Date: May 13th, 2014

policeBrazil – Brazilian police have put together a pamphlet of top tips for staying safe during the World Cup next month, with suggestions such as making sure not to scream if someone tries to rob you, it is reported.

“Do not react, scream or argue,” says the brochure, which will be handed out by Brazilian embassies and consulates, Estadao de Sao Paulo newspaper reports.

Sao Paulo police, who reportedly put together the document, are aiming their security tips at football fans planning to attend the World Cup tournament that kicks off in June.

The idea is apparently to warn visitors not to provoke robbers into further violence, and avoid the increasingly common crime of “latrocinios” – or robbery that ends in murder.  More

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