Second-Grader Says School Put Him In Handcuffs For Misbehaving

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Date: May 2nd, 2014

KalybKANSAS CITY, MISSOURI – A second-grader said a school security guard put him in handcuffs because he was misbehaving.

“Some of the kids were messing with me,” Kalyb Primm Wiley told KSHB-TV.

Kalyb told the station that kids were teasing and taunting him but nothing got physical. A teacher was unable to calm him down and he was taken to the principal’s office by a school security guard.

“We were halfway down the hall, he put handcuffs on and twisted my wrists a little,” Kalyb added.

“I don’t think any 7-year-old should be put in handcuffs unless he was armed with a weapon, or violent,” Kalyb’s mother, Tomesha Primm, told KSHB.  More

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