70th anniversary of D-Day

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Date: June 6th, 2014

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d dayOn June 6, 1944, about 150,000 troops stormed the beaches of France in the epic D-Day invasion that proved pivotal to the Allied war effort. But how did the idea originate and how did the Allies pull off such a huge task?

The numbers involved in the Normandy landings are still staggering today, and unlikely to be seen again in a modern age of combat.

The D-Day attack consisted or more than 150,000 personnel coming across the English Channel by sea and air, and about 100,000 troops were involved in the invasion on June 6.

Of the 100,000 or so fighters in the invading force, about 9,000 were killed or wounded on June 6, 1944.

General Ike’s Orders of the Day told the force, “The eyes of the world are upon you.”  More True Facts   Dramatic Original Footage of D-Day Invasion (News Reel Video)

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    Truly our Greatest Generation.

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