Company limits bathroom breaks to 6 minutes a day

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Date: July 16th, 2014

6 minutesChicago – Spend more than 6 minutes a day in the bathroom at Chicago’s WaterSaver Faucet company and you’ll face disciplinary measures.

That’s what a union contends the manufacturer is pulling: timing bathroom breaks and warning employees when they can’t beat the clock.

The union, Teamsters local 743, filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board claiming WaterSaver unfairly disciplined 19 workers in June for “excessive use” of washrooms.

The company’s human resources department described “excessive use of the bathroom as… 60 minutes or more over the last 10 working days,” according to the affidavit. Do the math and it works out to 6 minutes a day.

The controversy goes back to last winter when WaterSaver installed swipe card systems on bathrooms located off the factory floor.  More

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4 Responses to “Company limits bathroom breaks to 6 minutes a day”

  1. Grandpa Says:

    Holy crap!

  2. Old man Says:

    It takes me that long to unzip my pants, find my business, and get a flow going.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I have to side with the union on this one. When you gotta go you gotta go.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    One bowel movement could use up all your time.

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