Government publishes detailed instructions on how to safely roast marshmallows

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Date: August 29th, 2014

marshmellowThe U.S. Forest Service on Friday published a nearly 700-word article on how to safely roast marshmallows, all in preparation for Saturday, which is National Roasted Marshmallow Day.

As one might expect, the article is riddled with safety tips that might make you think twice about even carrying matches into the forest at all, let alone actually igniting a marshmallow and putting your family’s life at risk.

“First, let’s talk safety,” the article says. “Never start a campfire when there are fire restrictions in place. The restrictions are put in place for your safety and for the safety of others.”

It also warns that children should be given a stern talking-to before any of the “fun” begins.

“Some experts advocate a 10-foot rule between young children and a campfire,” it reads. “For more information about campfire safety, let Smokey Bear guide you.”  More

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2 Responses to “Government publishes detailed instructions on how to safely roast marshmallows”

  1. FedUpWithIt Says:

    and how many of our tax dollars did it cost to come up with this 2 page brochure on roasting (or not) marshmallows ?

  2. As seen through the eyes of a child... Says:

    They sure have wasting our tax dollars down to a science. I wish more people spoke up about fraud waste and abuse like this. It will only get worse until we do speak up more.

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