James Brady, White House press secretary under Reagan, dies

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Date: August 4th, 2014

bradyJames Brady, the former White House press secretary who was badly wounded in the assassination attempt against President Ronald Reagan and later became an advocate for gun control, has died. He was 73.

Brady was left permanently disabled after being shot in the head on March 30, 1981, by John Hinckley, Jr., outside the Washington Hilton Hotel.

He afterward undertook a personal crusade for gun control, and lobbied for stricter handgun and assault-weapon laws.  A federal law requiring a background check on handgun buyers bears Brady’s name, and The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is named in his honor.

Although Brady returned to the White House only briefly, he was allowed to keep the title of presidential press secretary and his White House salary until Reagan left office in January 1989.

Brady, who spent much of the rest of his life in a wheelchair, died at a retirement community in Alexandria, Va., where he lived with his wife, Sarah.   More

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