Man Beats Girlfriend After Dreaming She Cheated

Posted By Staff

Date: August 11th, 2014

dreamFlorida – A Florida Keys man was arrested after beating his girlfriend after he had a dream she cheated on him, according to police.

Carlos Gascon’s girlfriend told Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies that Gascon beat her all day Friday. She was able to call for help at 6:45 p.m. after Gascon passed out.

The woman accused Gascon of choking her, pouring hot coffee on her, cutting the back of her leg with a knife, and threatening to kill her while holding a knife to her throat.

Gascon also allegedly picked her up and slammed her down on a glass table, breaking it.  More

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One Response to “Man Beats Girlfriend After Dreaming She Cheated”

  1. Unkle Jackie sez Says:

    I dreamed I was a millionaire. guess I should go to the bank and demand my money !!

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