Squeegee men are back terrorizing NYC streets

Posted By Staff

Date: August 8th, 2014

RK1_6311.JPGNew York – They were the ultimate symbol of the lawlessness and blight of the 1980s and early 1990s — and now they’re making a comeback.

Squeegee men are menacing motorists across New York City, including spots near the Holland, Lincoln and Queens-Midtown tunnels, as well as the Queensboro Bridge, The Post has learned.

Mike Benthins uses the amNewYork free newspaper and a spray bottle of glass cleaner to wipe down windshields.

Residents and drivers who pass through the areas said the panhandlers are spraying and wiping windshields without permission to shake down drivers for cash.  More

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One Response to “Squeegee men are back terrorizing NYC streets”

  1. As seen through the eyes of a child... Says:

    You’ll see more and more of this with all the “refugees” they’ll allowing into our country ILLEGALLY.
    dirty street vendors, window washers, can collectors, scavengers, hoodlums and more bums.
    Thanks Obama

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